Simon Brubaker on videography and Ryan Linich sounds. Headphones are the best option for this quiet improvisation. 

In this video Evan Clayburg uses footage take from a solo trip where he walked from Davis, CA to Norman, OK then from Norman, OK to Mexico City, Mexico. Not to mention adding some of his sick illustrations.

Sean Stearns captured the intensity of "Bristol Hum" well with this throwback wax traxy film noir style video featuring an alien abduction site, tons of fog, and a butchery. 

Doug Wilken transforms video into a fever dream. Fall becomes an amazing collage of colorful imagery. 

Thinker Thoughts 10 year anniversary with Fullerton on the kit. 

Sleepy Tuesday / No One Is Illegal back in the day at the old Culture Shock Garage. This show was so cool! And this badass band! Some great memories for reals.  

Round two with Allen Killian-Moore and this time we truly went all out. 16mm and video, a giant 5.5 foot eagle mask  which when worn by me stood a triumphant 11 feet+. This song/film/video documents ways we visualized the question, What is freedom? 

This marks the first collaboration with filmmaker Allen Killian-Moore. 100% super-8 film. I can still feel the cold winter air in that backyard. I thought it would be a good idea to wear short shorts on a freezing minneapolis morning. I can still feel the cold air in that backyard. 

10/21/1987 with Cris Castellan and Kevin Fitchuk at Thee Fireside Bowl))))