I love film and have made my own visual art with this medium. I unfortunately don't have any examples of this work online but I do have a history making VHS only films with my own sound track mixed from VHS camcorder and 4 track to VCR with manual tracking. I was asked by David Matthew Dawson on multiple occasions if he could use my music for his film and video projects and as the years went by I've found a love for making not only live score but also foley sounds. Check out some of my work and if you have a project that I could collaborate with you on please send me the details. 


Desolation Slow by Allen Killian Moore (early 2017)

Two Beards Productions "Home Away From Here" Trailer featuring "Red Leaves" from the 2009 album Mythological Creatures. "Home Away From Here" was an official Mosaic Film Project selection in 2014.