Photo by Maren Celest

b. 1980 in melrose park, il and left to figure out the math alone. low statistics and resolution, mimic until solutions exist and decide to choose a level of risk. made by hand forever, made by hand with affordable well worn tools. 

Artist (1995-present)

photography, painting, illustration, writing, zines

Musician (1995-present)

guitarist, percussionist, singer, experimental sound maker

prepared, improvised, live performance, recording, and film score 

1980 Records (1998-present)

Founder, Head of Production, and Curator

Chicago Cassette (2014-present)

Founder, Head Engineer

High Quality realtime audio cassette duplication in small batches. 

No Future Coffee (2015-present)

Founder, Barista, Roaster, Coffee Educator, Event Catering

Certified Barista, Coffee Roaster in Training,

Home and On Site Coffee Brew and Seed To Cup Training, Endless Student