1980 Records was started officially in 1998 and over the years it became a full fledged record label featuring over 70 releases from artists around the world. Cassettes are the main focus for product but vinyl records are also in the catalog as well. Please also see: Soundcloud / Facebook / Instagram / Bandcamp


Chicago Cassette was started out of necessity. At a time when I was in need of an extra job I was commissioned by a couple of local Chicago cassette labels to start duplicating for them. The business is celebrating it's second year of duplication services in November 2016. C.C. has also started working with cassette to digital transfers and cassette to digital mastering as well. 


The Experimental Artist Series was built out of necessity. So many artists I've known over the years had started to move into solo practice and experimentation with their instruments, voices, dance, film, etc. Because of this I started booking small shows in 2008 under this name. Over the years as the community of these musicians has opened up for me I've met some extremely talented, prolific, exciting, and prolific artists who are happy to express themselves in small spaces to small crowds of eager listeners. This passed summer, 2016, we had our 20th installment of EAS and we're looking forward to another 20. It's also important to not that we were lucky to work with artists Todd Irwin and Ryan K. Ranney creating a whole series of amazing posters commemorating each event.