1980 Records was something I drew on my backpack in 1995, then became the label of mix tapes I'd make for friends, then officially in 1998, 1980 made it's first release on blank cassettes branded for medical professionals, fast forward to 2018 and we have over 80 releases from artists all around the world. Cassettes are the main focus, but vinyl records and CD's are also in the catalog as well. Please also see: Soundcloud / Facebook / Instagram / Bandcamp


In 2014, I started duplicating cassette for labels and musicians, and now in 2018, I've duplicated over 70 releases for about 30 clients. Chicago Cassette can also make digital transfers from cassette, reel-to-reel, and CD, and vice versa. I also have a goal of being able to transfer VHS and Hi8 video and hope to have this ability by 2020. 

I've had many years of experience setting up shows and booking touring bands and performing artists, and in 2008 I started booking more experimental performers at Fill In The Blank Gallery in Chicago. It was so successful I  continued with this name. Over the years as the community of these musicians has opened up for me I've met some extremely talented, prolific, exciting, and prolific artists who are happy to express themselves in small spaces to small crowds of eager listeners. In 2017 we held our 24th installment of EAS and we're looking forward to more and more. EAS has had curated posters since it's inception and I've been honored to work with artists Jordan Rutherford, Todd Irwin and Ryan K. Ranney (image above) each event has had it's own unique poster.