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I am a midwesterner and call my home Chicago. I am an improvisational experimental guitarist and vocalist with a history of writing story telling songs and playing in loud noisy bands. Although I have played music before 2005 I believe this is when something clicked, since I've been on some adventures for sure but I haven't stopped playing music. I've been in various groups and have recorded many albums and EP's on various labels. My music ranges from ambient, noisy, free-improvisational, punk, post-punk, and instrumental. I have toured most of the u.s. with hopes of touring the earth. I admire the creativity of small music communities and the sounds that are a part of them. I study music and art freely and I love learning new ideas and approaches to any instrument I might play. I have collaborated and recorded with a handful of my muses over the years and am I'm elated to have shared these experiences. You can find me tuning into freeform radio, hanging out at shows, rehearsing, taking photos, roasting coffee but most importantly; I strive to get the most out of life as I can, let's play some music.


Future Bill

Active Years:



2016 FUTURE (2980 Records)


2015 A.M. Stations - Sign of Times (Already Dead)

2015 A.M. Stations - Tacoma (Maximum Pelt)

2014 Dances (self released on bandcamp)

2013 Doprahazzah (self released on bandcamp)

2013 Klaustrophonic (1980 Records)

2013 Boring Music (1980 Records)

2013 Contagious Fever Illness (Already Dead)

2012 Sad Bad Mittens (1980 Records)

2012 Lincoln Johns - Kerbungeon (1980 Records)

2012 white rose #2 (1980 Records)

2012 Punk Fills (1980 Records)

2011 Lincoln Johns - il y a longtemps, très bientôt (1980 Records)

2010 Blind Animal Courage (Cave Sounds)

2009 Mythological Creatures (1980 Records)

2008 white rose #1 (1980 Records)

2007 lllusions of Repetition (1980 Records/Thinker Thought)

2005 Consistent Themes (1980 Records/Reformer)